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Leaf fragrance diffuser of porcelain. The leaves are made of mahogany wood.

Marcel Wanders offers an original look at house odors. The stylish porcelain base and stylized mahogany leaves make this room diffuser a small interior accessory that combines a functional aspect with a light, refined design. With a gentle nudge, the porcelain base rotates slowly, allowing the air to whisper through the smell-soaked leaves and carry the fragrance to every corner of the room. There are five different leaves to choose from, each combined with a different fragrance in the collection of The Five Seasons.

“Grr” is a sensual fragrance with woody, smoky overtones, and associates incense with, red juniper, guaiac wood, cedar wood, vetiver, nutmeg, vanilla and tree musk.

The versatile Marcel Wanders is the talent behind the project "The Five Seasons", an original expedition in the world of fragrances for the home. Five essences have been chosen to form a complete collection of objects for scent in the house. Four scents correspond to the seasons of the year and their characteristic perfumes. The fifth corresponds to transcendence, which Wanders associates with deep black, the chosen color to identify all related products. Alessi created these fragrances in collaboration with one of the leading perfume producers in Grasse, the French city known worldwide for the production of flower perfumes and fragrances.

Meticulous research led to the development of five perfumes that inspire the sensory senses experiences Wanders has chosen for suggestive names: "Brrr" for the cold winter season, "Ahhh" for the wonders of Spring, "Hmm" for the premium of summer, "Grrr" for the poetry of autumn and "Shhh" for the mystery of transcendence. "The Five Seasons" includes five-chamber diffusers made from a porcelain container and six mahogany elements that represent an original re-interpretation of the classic sticks used to spread perfume in the house.

Contents: 150ml Dimensions: 11.5 x H. 22.5cm

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