How it works: catalytic lamps

The unique function of the catalytic burner / diffuser is distinguished by the traditional air fresheners that give off a odor to dominate other flavors. Advantage of this product is the more intense odor release. Not only do you eliminate the flavors of, for example, tobacco or cooking (or worse: gourmets or fondues), but you also fill a much larger space with the delicious scent you have chosen. In addition, the diffuser causes the air to be neutralized. 

The picture below describes the steps you have to follow when using a catalytic diffuser.  

Step 1: fill the catalytic diffuser with the refill

Step 2: light the wick

You must light the wick - let it burn for a few minutes. The flame will heat the flint. ed wordt verwarmd. Oxygen will be mixed with the liquid causing the parfume to be spreaded throug the air.  

Step 3: blow out the wick and place the decorative cap

The catalytic diffuser is now functioning. In case you want the diffuser to stop you only need to place the metal cap over the wick.