Millefiori Geurbrander Belle Marrone glas

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millefiori milano

Lampair has a very extensive collection of odor burners / catalytic diffusers. 

Top product of Millefiori. Play with shapes, create atmosphere with essences. Choose something new: an original accessory for an innovative odor process. Lampair, a spatula and odor catalyst, as discreet as intense. To shine your senses. The bulky odor burner has a catalytic effect: a unique process that neutralizes the unpleasant odors like cooking, smoke and tobacco air. At the same time, your space is perfumed and has a disinfectant effect. The scents are unconsciously the determining factor in your environment.

Fill the diffuser with the Crespi or Lampair Refill, light the burner - only when used for the first time - wait for 20 minutes to absorb the liquid. Light the tip and wait about 3 minutes before blowing out the flame: the perfume will now be released. To turn of the burner: put the solid lid on the cap.

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